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Korean Welding Hose

Pik India an ISO 9001:2000 certified company :is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of high quality Korean Welding Hose.We are one of the distinguished Korean Welding Hose manufacturers, established in India. When it comes to most reliable wholesale Korean Welding Hose then we are counted on the top. Our Korean Welding Hose and Korean Welding Hoses are widely appreciated for their durability and are widely used in garages as well as service

 Made of quality PVC and rubber, it is light\anti-bending \acid \alkali\heat\cold and other features. Smooth appearance, remain soft throughout the year. Its use life 2-3 times more than traditional rubber hose. So it is a new product which instead of traditional rubber hose in modern society. Working temperature: -15~70℃ Use: Ideal hose used for Oxygen\Acetylene\Argon welding and cutting.Korean Welding hose Oxygen hose/ Acetylene Hose Tube: SBR synthetic rubber, Red, Blue, Black color. Reinforcement: High tensile synthetic yarn braided or spiraled. Pack: PVC Film Characteristics: Anti-aging, abrasion, weather and Ozone resistant. Pressure bearable, flexible, light in weight, anti-bending, less distortion and nice smooth surface. Application: Mainly used for conveying oxygen and acetylene gases for welding and cutting equipment. Standard length: 30m, 50m, 100m Working Pressure: 300PSI (20bar) Bursting Pressure: 900PSI (60bar) We also can make it as request

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